OWN Crankshaft Turning Machine

OWN 150/180 station enables to turn crankshafts up to 60T of weight and of varied length, depending on the available space, providing a speed range from 0.5 to 8 rpm and a pulse controlled left/right positioning system with acknowledgement of time intervals caused by the thermal characteristics of the spindle motor.

The headstock of the turning gear along with the gearbox and the motor is placed on an additional base that positions the height of the shaft pivot at 2100 mm above the bed. Workpiece clamping is carried out here by a four-jaw lathe with disk diameter up to 1500 mm.

The workstation is designed for crankshaft manual reprocessing.  IT ensures precision and variable-speed shaft rotation speed from 0.5 to 8 rpm with precise positioning in both rotation directions. High torque of the headstock motor ensures easy clamping friction removal with shafts up to 60 T.

Speed and positioning are operated from a control panel situated next to the headstock. The control system is equipped with an acoustic and visual warning system activated three seconds before the spindle rotation starts.  In addition, the system allows to quickly stop the shaft movement in case of danger.

The power and control system of the turning gear motor has been designed with the use of the state of the art technology and the best-quality components manufactured by major market players. The control cabinet is situated behind the headstock of the turning gear. The used clamping disc allows to clamp crankshaft collars of up to 1300 mm outside diameter.

Technical characteristics:
Max. clamping diameter: 1300 mm
Max. shaft weight: 8100 mm
Headstock disk height: 60 t
Spindle speed range: 0,5 - 8 obr/min
Transmission and drive power: ok 75 kW
Spindle torque: 65000 Nm
Total weight: 22 t

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