TNC4200 Crank turning lathe

TNC4200 Crank turning lathe is designed for high performance machining, including turning of:

o    Crank section arm inner surface machining
o    External crank section top surface machining
o    Crankshaft pin journal undercut machining
o    Crankshaft pin journal diameter machining

The machine tool provides trouble-free machining of parts made of carbon steel and alloyed, quenched steel, tempered or normalized to a maximum of 300 HB, with a guaranteed smooth surface finish of Ra <1.25. 
The machining process is program controlled, using Siemens Sinumerik numerical control system. This ensures efficient machining crank sections in the selected technology range.

TNC4200 rolling parameters: max
Inner contour of a machined object: 4400 mm
Crank height: 1100 mm
Distance between the crank section arms: 142 mm
Diameter of the crank pin: 360 mm

General description of the machine:

TNC 4200 Crank turning lathe is an advanced, numerically controlled machine tool. The design is based on the basis of a modernized table and two columns, on which a transverse beam with a head for interchangeable turning tools is mounted.
The machine tool gate moves in the Y-axis synchronously on two iron beds with TURCITIE sliding guides. The mobile beam – the X axis - moves synchronously vertically on the guides, rising to the height allowing machining not only the internal surfaces of the cranksection, but also its upper outer surfaces. This ensures increasing productivity by shortening the total crank section machining time by the time of fixing one part. The shape of the beam has been developed in a way that ensures maximum rigidity and minimizes vibration, ensuring high quality of the machined surfaces.
NC swivel tool head - B-axis rotates in a range of +/- 90 ° allowing turning moldings inside the crank section. It is possible to mount additional fixed knives to enable machining of the inner surface of the crank section - the bottom and the top surface.
Fixing crank sections to the table can be done using removable machine appliances. Machining equipment is attached to the table with screws. Fixing the crank section to the table can also be performed manually (directly).

Technical characteristics: max
Max outer contour of the machined object: 4400 mm
X-axis travel  (horizontal): 2150 mm
Y-axis travel (vertical): 1100 mm
Control: Siemens 810D
Rapid X-axis feed (horizontal): 5 m/min
Rapid Y-axis feed (vertical): 5 m/min
Swivel range of the head: +/- 90°
Turning range of table: 1 ÷ 60 obr/min
Working feeds in X and Z axes : 1÷ 1000 mm/min
Tool positioning accuracy: +/- 0,05 mm

Major components of the machine:

Machine tool gate

Machine gate consists of two racks to which telescopic guides, protected by steel covers, are mounted.

Swivel tool head

The used head provides continuous machine tool motion in the range from -90 ° to + 90 °. 
Tool change takes place in the manual cycle, during which the gate and the beam move to a position enabling easy access to the grip. This position enables also attachment or replacement of knives for machining the inner surface of the crank section. The angle of inclination of the tool is set by program. 

Drives and the control system

TNC4200 crank lathe is equipped with a SIEMENS Sinumerik digital control system, which controls the angular position of the tool, column and beam axes, and the rotation of the table in each gearbox range. Machining the object can be done manually from the CNC pulpit or the program. The feed drives use digital AC drives. Gate and beam movements are limited by limit switches.
The control system is equipped with a special safety feature in case of power failure in the network that can (to some extent) protect a tool against a fracture. 
Elements of electrical and electronic equipment are located in a separate cabinet, equipped with a air circulation and filtration system.
The machine tool can be used within the following power grid parameters:
o    operating voltage of 3 x 400V, 50 Hz
o    controlling voltage  of 110V AC, 24DC
The control panel is located on a sliding rack designed for optimal alignment with the machined object. Remote reading of the current position of all numerically controlled axes is possible on a continuous basis. 
The standard control system is equipped with a portable remote control allowing manual shifting of the feed axis. Manual control of the machine tool may also be done via CNC system pulpit, which is integrated with the PLC system. This system enables manual activation of the machine in order to exit emergency situations.

Safety and Health

TNC4200 crank turning lathe TNC4200 remains in accordance with all European safety norms, and therefore conforms with CE certificate. Cabinets, instrumentation and electrical bundles are manufactured in conformity with CE.

Control panel incorporates an emergency stop switch and all moving parts have been equipped with limit switches, securing the elements against moving outside the intended working zone.
The work table surface is secured with a segmented safety barrier integrated with a CNC system (opening the barrier during operation causes emergency stop activation).

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