WD-130 Boring Tool

Overhaul and Modernization of WD-130 Boring Tool

  • Guide and guide lining interacting with main body guides grinding and scraping, 
  •  Cracked column base body repair using the  so-called “stitching” method
  • Main motor replacement, providing continuously variable speed control of 3 ranges.
  • Spindle remanufacture, headstock guide bushing and wedges fabrication and installation
  • Replacing the clutches, all bearings and seals of machine tools, spindle counterweight ropes and telescopic covers for slides bed 
  • Trapezoid screws remanufacturing and bronze nuts replacement,
  • Y axis feed gears modernization by the construction of housing for gears and feeding motors and Siemens drive modules.
  • Y axis drive trapezoidal screw replacement using a ball screw.
  • X axis transmission modernization which consists of the construction of housing for Siemens inverter.
  • Control panel replacement, maintaining a similar control function set.
  • Control cabinet and electrical equipment replacement.
  • Hydraulic power unit and hydraulic piping replacement.
  • Lubrication system modernization by using two independent circuits: headstock lubrication base-bed lubrication.
  • Rotary table overhaul, including: Replacing worn items, scraping the turret sliding surfaces, grinding guiding rails, turning the table surface
  • Painting the machine.
  • Preparing the operation and maintenance manuals on the basis of the modernization scope.

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